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Clancy arrived from Camden sales after bidding against the doggers saw HHH have a win.  Although he seemed to be in good condition he did have a bit of a problem with being caught and was quite depressed.   

Clancy spent a couple of months going through some training on ground work with our wonderful trainer, Manda.  Turns out his "shyness" was just no confidence in himself and no handling.  He also was trained to saddle by another trainer.  

 Clancy is now living the dream with Michelle and Paul on a wonderful property near the mid coast NSW.  He has lots of animal family to keep him company and he is so at east now.

If you could photograph the emotional state of this boy when he first came to HHH you would see the equivalent of a bag of bones - he was scared, confused and totally lacking any trust.  The change in this young man is amazing.